Stairway Update

So, I am trying to update pictures!! I have been very slow in posting updated pictures mainly because I feel like the rooms are never done but I am tired of waiting for perfection. Let's face it- most every room isn't quite finished and there will always be things to do or improve on. I am over it... mostly.

Here is a before and after of the stairwell... including the stairwell in all its ugliness when we first bought it!!    I think I should win a prize or money or something for having the ugliest stairwell in America... don't you think??

The stairwell is painted Ben Moore's Whispering Spring. I love how it brightens it up. It is pushing the edge on baby-blue but it is a huge improvement on what was there before. After we stripped off the awful jail-looking wallpaper, I had the walls painted a dark red... COLOR FAIL!!!! I was taken over by my current love for red, so I corrected it with Whispering Spring. I do love that it is so much lighter and brighter in there. There is no natural light whatsoever in there.

Steve and his dad installed the carpet on the stairs. Originally, there was a nasty carpet runner and painted light brown risers but I wanted comfort and warmth. This stairwell isn't heated (blame the old Chicago bungalow style) so I wanted it cushy. 

Also, I have always wanted a gallery wall in a stairway and instead of doing it on the long walls, I wanted to be able to look at it every time I came down the stairs. It is filled with fun family pictures, my kids' artwork, and even a sweet birthday letter from my daughter that I will always cherish.

It is a tall wall and I will probably continue to add to it. Gotta love IKEA for their inexpensive white and silver frames- that's where most of these frames came from.

Also, I am sure some of you will notice that we don't have a handrail and yes, I know it's not the safest route but I lecture my children to be careful and until I have found something I love, I am not going to put it up. I am stubborn like that. What I really want to do, is find thick rope and make a rope hand rail... just have to get motivated!

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  1. Oh my goodness that birthday letter almost made me start bawling! So precious. You did a great job on your staircase and the gallery. It's wonderful inspiration