Staying Alive

Yes, we are still alive! I would love to have more time to devote to the old blog but at this point in time, most of my time has now been spent homeschooling my older girls while hanging out with our toddler!

If you would like to follow me at my homeschooling blog, here is the address: www.thelittlebrickschoolhouse.wordpress.com.  It has been an adventure this year but a lot of fun and a lot of blood, sweat and tears at the same time (well, maybe not blood...).


May Madness

Sheesh. Where does the time go? I am in denial that the baby I "just" gave birth to is now 8 months old! So, because we all survived May and lived to tell about it, here are some pictures to prove it!

Here is Julia's famous silly smile that she mastered during the month of May:

The older girls were in a play at school... they were rats.

Kailyn's orchestra concert:

My Spring/End of Year piano recital:

Three sisters who love each other an awful lot:

Look who turned 8 MONTHS OLD!

Kailyn wanted to be baptized after reading Jesus' commands in the Bible, and after sitting through a 4 week one-on-one with our pastor, she was baptized on May 31, 2015!

And this picture I sent out to my church people because I was tired of apologizing for how grumpy Julia can be (at church she is usually very tired and hungry and we are pushing the nap window) and to prove to them that she does indeed know how to smile:

And now we can breathe. School's out and a different type of madness is already here... It starts with an S and ends with UMMER. Enough said.


Easter 2015

Yes, I know- picture overload but we took advantage of baby J's happy disposition that afternoon and I am so glad I have these pictures! It's hard to remember to take pictures of the family and all three girls together in one place, so this was a perfect excuse.

We had a great time celebrating His resurrection with my in-laws who were here for a quick weekend trip! We did do a lame egg hunt indoors since our backyard is so tiny and lacks any sort of dimension.

Hooray for indoor egg hunts!