Bathroom Challenge: Light Fixtures

I wish I could have worked on the guest bathroom more this week but we had a family crisis this week and I just couldn't make it happen. For those of you who are just joining... I am attempting to makeover our guest bathroom on a budget of $150. You can read about it here.

Anyways, one of my challenges was to get rid of this ceiling florescent light strip. It had to go.

bathroom challenge

My husband tore it out and very quickly made some large holes in the walls next to the mirror for the new light fixtures. There are pipes behind that main wall so we had to be careful where we placed the new light fixtures. 

I originally had gone to the store and picked out lights which were fine but a little pricier than I wanted- remember that my budget is $150! So, I made a quick trip into the Home Depot and laid my eyes on these, even before I looked at the price. I liked the quirkiness of them, the jelly jar glass and THE PRICE!

home depot jelly jar light
via The Home Depot

These were $3.97 each. And yes, I get it... they aren't glamorous or the most beautiful light fixtures but they are kind of different and I liked them enough to get them!

I found a similar type here in this picture:

And here are the lights installed... please excuse the crazy wall needing to be patched up! I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that it usually looks a lot worse before it looks any better!

Bathroom Challenge: Light Fixtures

This was my first coat, so ignore the unevenness of it!

We used a pre-mixed joint compound made for sheet-rock. It was a little creamier than anticipated and it takes a full day to dry between coats, so it has been slow going.

Stay tuned for painting the walls and installing the baseboards! Here is a sneak peak of the wall color:


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