$150 Bathroom Challenge

We have a bathroom in our basement. It is kinda scary (okay, a lot scary). And outdated. And we have some guests coming in the next month that will be using this as their bathroom. Yikes. It is past due. Time to update... but with a challenge. I have $150 in my pocket - earnings from Craigslist sales and cash back from a credit card (don't you love that?) Here are some pictures to scare you show you what it looks like now...

B$150 Bathroom Challenge

Bathroom Challenge- before pictures- sink

Bathroom Challenge- shower pictures before

$150 Bathroom Challenge- Life on Circle Avenue

Bathroom Challenge- before pictures

Bathroom Challenge - door

Here are my plans:

  • Replace flooring
  • Install real baseboards
  • Paint
  • New shower curtain
  • Clean and re-grout shower
  • Add hooks for towels
  • New lights
  • Remove florescent light strip
  • Paint door and window trim white
  • New bath mat
  • Remove in-wall-soap holder
  • New toilet seat
My budget is $150. I really am going to try and stay under. How many think I can do it? Raise your hand... and stay tuned!

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