Venting and other Events

We have been meaning to vent our attic for awhile now, and can finally check it off the list! Steve's parents were in town this past weekend and he and his dad worked to complete the job. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of how to do it. (Here is a helpful article from This Old House in case you really want to read up on it!) I am happy to say that the attic is so much cooler after having done this. We just hope it's not too cool in the winter!

In other news, we recently returned from Family Camp and had a great time during the week! I did take pictures and here are a few (because otherwise this post would be really boring without some pictures). If you live in the Midwest and are looking for an awesome week away, check it out here on their website at Village Creek Bible Camp.

The girls each took horse-riding lessons every day. Talk about awesome.

They have a lake on their property and Kailyn loved kayaking.

Archery for all ages!

One of the best parts was that each family was assigned a "family assistant" for the week. She was at our beckon call and had a great attitude. We could assign her to be with the kids if we wanted to do different things, like the Zip Line and Kayaking on the Mississippi or have a date night out.

And, just for fun, here is a picture of my baby girl who will be heading off to kindergarten in 3 weeks... Anyone else have baby kindergarteners?

So, we are enjoying the last few days of summer and glad to have accomplished so much as well.

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