Summer Iron-On Craft

Because the days for summer are slowly running out...

I have come across this craft a few times and thought my kids would enjoy doing it. Well, we I finally got my act together while I was at the Walmart a few days ago. And I thought I would show you how we did it, since I am a visual learner...

First, decide on the kind of design you want on your shirt. The simpler the better. My girls were not into the simple idea and instead wanted a full-body animal. Whatever works. 

Print off an image and cut it out on regular paper and then trace onto the scrap fabric you have laying around in your drawers/closets/sewing baskets, etc.

Then use this stuff:

Cut out a small rectangle of it and place your fabric design on top (the gluey side facing up!).

Trim around the edges and then press with a med. setting iron (no steam) for 2 seconds all around the design until it is bonded securely.

After it is secure, trim the edges off and place the design on your shirt.

Use your iron again and press down around the design for 8 seconds until it is secure. And voila, you are done!

A pretty simple summer-sanity-saver. Except this became more of a project for me than for the girls to do because of the ironing and fine details in cutting. If you have older kids, they could definitely do this by themselves though!

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