Summer Vacay

Summer is halfway gone. Yikes. I just got the school supply list, people! Why so early? It's like a bucket of cold water splashed in your face. Let me enjoy the lazy days! Enough of my rant...

Here are some pics from our latest trip to NJ to visit the grandparents. The kids had a great time and here is the proof:
Meeting their first ever cousin!

Copper loved NJ - almost as much as he loved the 13 hr. car ride.
Playing Kickball with the adults.
Visiting the neighbor friends who have polo horses.
Kailyn is in love.
And, of course, getting to ride was the highlight (and learning to trot).
Louisa, on their pony.
The girls' first ocean experience.
Ocean Grove, NJ
Fishing on the 4th of July
Pin the star on the American flag. Brilliant.
And finishing the day with smores.
My camera's battery charger died at the end of the week so I didn't have the chance to take any more pictures, but am glad that I have these to remember the week with!

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