New Roof!

One of the "joys" of being a homeowner is purchasing the big ticket items. Let's be honest- no one likes this part of home-owning, but it is a necessary evil. Roofs are expensive. Period.

Long story short, we needed a new roof. But we couldn't afford to pay it in full, so our options became limited as we looked around for companies that would finance. We had three different quotes given to us- all financing options- and after weighing the options for a few days, we went with our first quote.

Here is a picture of our old roof. Looks can be deceiving! This roof looks to be in good shape from here, but if you inspected it, you could see that it was old (I think around 15 years old) and needed to be replaced. It was time for a new one, even though we wished it wasn't.

So, we went with a company called Andres Roofing, located in Chicago. They finished the job in 2 days which included a tear-off, putting the new roof on and adding all new gutters (which added a bit to the final price).

The new shingles (Timberline HD) come with a lifetime warranty and are in HD- which just means there is a little more texture and color to them. We picked  the color Pewter Gray.

Here is a picture of the new roof. It was really hard to get a good shot because our tree is so luscious right now. We went with a little bit of a darker color and I really like how it turned out.

new roof


Now we can rest easy with a new roof over our heads. We are thankful.


  1. Those big expenses are never very exciting :( Your house is adorable- I am new to your blog!

    1. Thanks Beth! It is a work in progress, that's for sure!