Backyard Updates

So, yesterday I showed you our DIY Brick Patio: The Cheap Way and today I want to share a few minor changes we made to our landscaping. This is a picture of the backyard from last fall:

After we got Copper (as a puppy) we discovered that he liked to eat the poisonous berries that fell from this old Japanese yew tree. Needless to say, we pulled it out promptly. I was glad because I never liked that tree, although it did provide us with some shade.

You can see also, in the picture above, that our neighbor's fence is leaning into our yard... this does not make me happy. Their tree is overgrown and it has taken over. They are supposed to be cutting it down and putting up a new fence- fingers are crossed for that one.

Over Mother's day weekend, we pulled out all the brick edgers in front of the garage and cleared it all out for our lilac bushes (which were my gift!). I am thrilled! Here they are:

And here is one from further back:

I am thinking that we either need to get rid of the rain barrel- don't hate me but we never use it- or paint it a different color. It was painted green to blend in behind the evergreen tree but now that it is gone, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

All in all, I am feeling much better about the backyard and can enjoy being back there!

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