Brown Paper Packages

Today I have two quick Christmas ideas for you- one that involves Brown Paper Bag wrapping and the other is an idea for a gift for the newlyweds in your family (I have two newlywed sisters).
So, yesterday my daughter finished her canvas painting for Nana. I decided to use what materials I had on hand to wrap them so I can have them ready for mailing, come December!  I told you I was getting ready early!

Here is what you'll need for the easiest and cheapest wrapping project ever:
* Brown paper bag
* Christmas stamp & ink
* Ribbon

 Just stamp and tie that pretty ribbon on and you are done!

I think they turned out pretty cute for zero dollar wrapping and for a very low-budget but very meaningful gift!

Ready for mailing!

And now for the newlywed gift... We aren't huge gift givers in my family- mainly because of the distance but I always like to send something small that is meaningful too. My sisters were both married this summer and I remember, as a newlywed, not having any ornaments for our first Christmas together! We were poor and just didn't have anything! So I usually give this to my siblings and in-laws for their first Christmas together as a married couple because I know I appreciated any ornaments that were given.

Supplies needed:
* Frame ornaments
*Scrapbook paper
*Clear-backed stickers

Go to The Hobs (our ridiculous nickname for Hobby Lobby) and pick up these extra cute frame ornaments with your 40% off coupon. (If you don't live near a Hobby Lobby, I am sure you can find a similar thing at Michael's!) 

Cut out a shape to fit the ornament and then put whatever sort of message you want on the paper. I did "Mr. & Mrs." as a nod to their new status, and "Our 1st Noel" because the word Christmas is too long! You could also just do the year (2012) or a simple Christmas word like, Joy or Peace... the possibilities are limitless and up to you and your creativity.

How about you- any good ideas for newlyweds or for zero dollar wrapping?

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