Easy & Affordable Christmas Gifts

I know it seems crazy but I am already thinking ahead to Christmas! There are only 6 1/2 weeks left and I want to get as much done as early as I can. You know the grandparents just want a little token from the grandkids- something meaningful from them. My kids love to do art, which makes it easy to turn it into gifts!

 Michael's had a great coupon in this week's paper which gave me 50% off anything- I used it to buy a 5 pack of canvas (6x8 size) which were $5.99 regular price. This means I got 5 gifts worth for $3 (with my coupon!).

We used my bountiful supply of acrylic craft paints and I had Louisa go to town with painting. She did a great job- it's hard for a 4 year old to really paint a picture!

 This is some of our finished product- I get to keep the blue house picture but the other two are for grandparents. My older daughter will be doing this after school today so then we will have 4 gifts done (since I am keeping the 5th canvas). Now I feel like we have accomplished something today!

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