Play Room - 3 years later!

Another title could be... "How many horses do you see?" as the girls have so many horses and they are everywhere! See if you can count how many there are... 
Anyways- this is the girls' favorite room in  the house...

 I labeled all their toy bins because some people were having a hard time remembering where the toys go (not always the girls!!!).

Yes, even horses wear jewelry... didn't you know?

This was passed on to us from a family with another "horse-crazy" girl.

And yes, the horses live in the house too.

Simple DIY art.

Some of our favorite drawings from our little artists.

I painted this about 2 years ago because they love Curious George so much.
Easy DIY pom-pom fun.
So, how many horses did you count? What you don't know is that there is a whole container of them in one of the cubbies so I really have lost count of how many we have! Whatever you guessed I am sure there are at least 8 more! As an aside, Kailyn is currently saving her money for horse riding lesson- she has $5 so far.

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