About Me

I am so thrilled you are here! I am very new and green at blogging so hope you will be patient with me, but I am excited to learn and grow!

I am a wife, stay-at-home mom of 2 girls (who are not babies anymore!), and we make our home in the suburbs of Chicago. We bought our bungalow in 2009 and are learning to DIY as we go along. I love beautiful things and love making our house a welcoming home for our family. Our family also loves Jesus and strives to honor Him with our lives.

Some things about me (that I probably will not post about): I teach piano, I am not good at gardening, I love birds and bird decor (could be OCD), Downton Abbey is a must see for me, I love to read (good, quality books- I am picky like that), I don't know how to swim (okay, I can doggy-paddle), I don't really like Sunday School (that might be an understatement, depending on the classes offered), I help to lead worship at my church, I have watched all seasons of Little House on the Prairie multiple times (we have all of them on DVD). I think that might be enough... for now.

So, if the above mentioned secret knowledge regarding myself didn't scare you off, I would love for you to follow me in this blogging journey as we attempt it one DIY at a time!

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