3 years later...

This is to update you all on our living room. We are coming up on our 3 year anniversary of owning our house and wanted to share with you our latest living arrangements. We have had fun changing it around over the past 6 months- just simple rearranging and pulling from other parts of the house. If you remember what our living room liked like before- yes, this is it...

and this is the foyer and our front door...

We removed all the wallpaper, tore up the carpet and had the beautiful wood floors refinished. Here is our current setup...We have moved the piano out here which makes it very cozy. We truly enjoy having it in the center of the home instead of in the back where no one could see it.

 Most all of our furniture has been thrift store/garage sale finds, DIY projects or Craigslist scores. I enjoy the hunt.

The foyer- finished! (But beware- I am tiring of the red and want to change it to a lighter color).

That shelf above the TV was a $4 Habitat for Humanity Restore find- stained and everything- it is solid wood. The corbels were on some sort of clearance for $ .50 each or some such crazy number. We really like it. So, there you have it- our living room tour!

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