The Handy Housewives

The Handy Housewives came to the rescue yesterday. We successfully removed the upper cabinets, sanded all the cabinet frames/fronts/drawers and primed everything! It was a lot of work and a lot of mess but we feel like we have a new kitchen!!
 Here is the first part of ripping the trim off!!! 

So gratifying... I have been waiting to do this since we moved in!

 After much grunting and yanking and banging, we got our first big chunk off. We were quite proud of ourselves. Those puppies did not come off easy. They were really made well and made to last. It took us about and hour or so just to get the first part off. 
 After we took the rest of the cabinets along that wall off, we went to town with the sanding. We wiped everything down, and deglossed every surface that was going to be painted. In this next picture, you can see what it is like after the first coat of primer is on.

 At the end of the night, I was even able to put things back into the cabinets. The wall is ugly to look at but it is better than what it was before. It feels so open and airy in the kitchen now.

I still have to add another coat of primer to some of the cabinet fronts and then I can begin painting!! I worked the Handy Housewives hard yesterday and they were so gracious and excited along with me, which made the day really fun despite the work.

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