Let's give it a try!

Hello all! We are trying our hand at blogging and hope you will follow us as we update you with our daily lives and what we are doing around the house! We hope to post pictures of the girls (of course) and of our DIY projects that we are attempting- like our upcoming kitchen cabinets getting painted! Yay! 

Some friends and I have recently put together a new group where we get together and do projects at each other's house once a month. So far, it has been awesome and we love getting things done and hanging out at the same time. So these wonderful friends, will be helping me sand and prime my kitchen cabinets this next weekend! I am very excited and hope to get a lot accomplished. 

Here is a shot of our kitchen when we bought it almost 3 years ago.

We haven't done too much to the kitchen... it hasn't been a priority but we are slowly working on it as time and our budget allows.  We have switched out the oven for a new one, installed a new light fixture and installed a floating vinyl hardwood floor. We are slowly but surely making progress!
New stove.

New light fixture. We like this a lot!!
 Old ugly floor... before.

 New flooring... much better!

Although, Kailyn didn't like the new flooring at first because she thought we were covering up her "pond," she now appreciates her new "bridge." 

This past weekend we also did a little switcheroo... we moved the fridge out and put the dishwasher in its place. The trick was creating an outlet for the fridge which my handy husband and father-in-law accomplished in a few short hours! Here you can see the new changes:
 It truly opens up the kitchen more with the fridge to the side.

 It is a little tighter fit through the walkway but it really makes the kitchen seem larger once you are through it.

 We are planning to build a cabinet to surround the fridge to make it look less like it is just sticking out and more like a built-in.

And just for fun- here is my new favorite picture of the girls- 

They are turning out to be such equestrian lovers!!

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