And we wait...

Waiting for the paint to dry... literally! This is the part that takes forever. After sanding down the doors, we got a coat of primer on, but then have to sand that down a little more and then put another coat on - for each side of the cabinet doors.  

It didn't help that three of us got sick this past week and then Tuesday night Kailyn was throwing up all night so that Wednesday I was too tired to see straight!

But before we got sick, I finished my second coat of paint on everything else, including the drawers and am very pleased. It looks so clean and fresh.

And yes, that is my kitchen window OPEN in March in Chicago! It is 75 degrees today (and yesterday)... amazing.

It has a nice gloss finish that has held up great so far.
I hope to be done painting the fronts by Monday but I do have to host Cooking Group on Sunday so we shall see. Side note, Stephen pointed out to me that I won't be able to add drawer pulls like I originally wanted to because two doors will not be able to open.... minor problem!!! So, I switched my plan and am going to add the pulls to the cabinet doors and the drawers will be naked as they are now.

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