The Girls Bedroom: Updated!

I think we are nearing the end of working on the girls room. This summer we repainted the walls to Benjamin Moore's Whispering Spring, sewed new curtains, put up a simple DIY curtain rod from PVC pipe, and repainted a free dresser found on the side of the road! We also added in some horse accessories since we all know that the girls love horses.

Here is the current state of affairs...

Over to Kailyn's side of the room...

 Can you believe this dresser was FREE and on the side of the road??? Who does that?

 It was original wood but the top had a ton of water damage.

So, I used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and waxed it and it turned out great. Not perfect but very pretty!

It even came with these knobs. We might keep them but Kailyn would like something else.                       She is getting a little picky.

This "trophy" I bought at Goodwill and spray painted it ORB. We added some horse ribbons that we found together at an antique store.

The other side of the room has their bookcase that they share.

This is one of those cheap bookcases from Target but I decoupaged scrapbook paper to the backs to make it a little more pleasing to the eye. The framed cowgirl print is from Etsy.

The wooden painted verse was made by me, on a whim.

I love seeing the classics on her reading shelf!

Louisa's shelf.

Over this way is Louisa's side of the room.

 These butterflies are truly one of my favorites in the room. Super easy to do. Cut out some butterflies, fold them to look like they are flying and hot glue them to the wall. Yes, hot glue... I am 99.9% positive it will come off with no damage. Hot glue is awesome.

 Louisa's dresser was found at an antique store and I love it.

This is the cutest little lamp. I will keep it for their grandchildren.
So, there is the longest post on the girls room you will ever read! Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. What a gorgeous room for your girls! Can't believe that amazing dresser you found!!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL room!! Your girls are very blessed! Both dressers are amazing! I adore everything in this room...the details are just perfect. Great job!!

  3. What a gorgeous bedroom. What an awesome find. I have yet to find something so great. Gotta love the power of paint. The room is perfect.

  4. Beautiful! Where did you get the curtains, bedding, and circular pillows?

  5. I actually made the curtains with fabric from JoAnne's (I can't remember what it's called!). One of my girls' bedding is from Target from a few years back- the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic line. The other one I bought about 3 years ago and I can't remember what it's called or where i bought it from!
    The circular pillows I made following this tutorial http://www.cluckclucksew.com/2011/03/tutorial-sprocket-pillows.html .

    1. Please let me know if you got my reply to your comment! I am new to this blogging thing and want to make sure that I am responding correctly! Thanks!

  6. Great job on the free dresser - those are the BEST finds. :) Thanks for linking up.