Why my kids don't miss playing sports

Maybe this will be a controversial post but I am going for it anyways since I have been reevaluating our decision not to put our kids in any sports this year. We had a good reason at the beginning of the school year- the birth of our third child. I had already told the kids not to expect to participate in any sports this year since I knew it would be crazy town at our house.

To give you a little background- both of my daughters did gymnastics for quite a few years. My oldest daughter was on team and practiced many hours during the week, as well as competing locally and at state once a year. She was pretty good, especially since she was young and had motivation.

Well, her motivation plummeted when the hours, pressure and intensity increased. She took a step back last year and did not compete and took another step all the way off the bandwagon over the summer with no desire to return. This was a struggle for me as I didn't know if I should push her to continue trying at something she was talented at, or if I should let it go. We, obviously, made the decision to let it go and let her decide.

My other daughter did gymnastics and swimming for fun. Anyways, after the summer, I told both of the girls what was up and expected them to be rather disappointed. They weren't and we continued with school. Keep in mind that they do play the piano and my oldest also plays the violin. And here we are in January and not once have either of them complained about not being able to play a sport. Wanna know what they do instead?

Play. And read. A lot. And help me with the baby. Or play with their baby sister. Or they create art. And guess what I don't have to do? Yep, be a taxi service! It really has been so great to take a break. Makes me not ever want to go back to after school practices.

Think they are missing out? I don't. Think I am depriving them of their chance to play in high school? I would care if I cared about things like that but I don't. 

We are thrilled that they can have relaxed afternoons (after homework) to do as they please. I am thrilled that we can all sit down to eat dinner together- every single night. I am thrilled that we don't have to spend part of our weekends at a game or meet. We are free to do what we want as a family.

Sports have taken over the weekends, taken over dinner times, taken over a child's leisure time, taken over family communication. I don't judge you if your kids play sports- of course! But I am thrilled that we have this time of peace and quiet and that we aren't slaves to a sport right now. And I dare say that my kids are too. Before they hardly had time to play together, but now they do almost every day and while they don't always get along (let's not be ridiculous here) they do love each other and enjoy each other and they have great imaginations! I think they are less stressed and are finding great security in coming home each day and knowing that they can just be themselves and finish their homework in a leisurely manner.

So, this is why my kids don't miss playing sorts and also why I don't miss it either.

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