The way her limbs still jerk around since she hasn't gained complete control over them yet.
The way she lights up in a big smile when we wake up together in the morning.
How hard she is trying to make bubble sounds.
How she keeps her toes curled when I try to trim her teeny toenails.
How she flaps her arms when she wants to get picked up.

When told to wear something as "your future profession day", she went as a mommy with her babies.
How she is the first to come and look at the baby in the morning.
How she loves to read on her bed.
How she has worn ponytails to school every day for three weeks in a row.
How she picked having one friend over to play instead of a big party for her birthday.

How excited she is to grow up.
How much she enjoys her baby sister.
How hard she worked on building and creating presents for her sister's birthday.
How disciplined she is at reading through the bible.

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