Bathroom Challenge: Complete!

We are done with the bathroom. At least it is guest-worthy now!

I had given myself a budget of $150 to begin with (I told you it was cheap!) and managed to come in right over $150 using free paint, lots of our own time, thrifty shopping and manual labor.

Here are some "before" pictures to refresh your memory:

And here are my "after" pictures- now ready for our guests coming!


So, we used a really pretty gray color (that is hard to photograph!), replaced the flooring with new tiles, installed baseboard trim, replaced the shower curtain, painted the ceiling with leftover free paint we had, replaced the florescent light with two vanity lights, added a hand towel ring, added bath towel hooks and added a new bath rug, and some last-minute art for the walls.

Here are some more pictures and details:
I printed these off from The Graphics Fairy and threw them in these clearance frames from Target.

The hooks are from The Home Depot and are anchored in nice and sturdy.
The shower curtain, liner and hooks are from Marshalls.
The vanity lights are from The Home Depot. And the towel ring is Target.
I know you are curious of the cost breakdown, so here it is:

  • Flooring: $30 (from The Home Depot, peel-and-stick-tiles, Carrarra marble pattern)
  • Drywall for repairs: $3
  • Vanity Lights from HD: $9
  • Paint (color-matched to Driftwood Gray, Martha Stewart): $15.50 for a quart
  • Electrical wiring: $7.20
  • Miter box for cutting baseboards: $5
  • Baseboard trim: $24
  • Shower Curtain from Marshalls: $15
  • Hooks for Shower curtain, from Marshalls: $4
  • Shower Curtain Rod, from Target: $6.50
  • Shower Curtain Liner, from Marshalls: $6
  • Bathmat, from Marshalls: $8
  • Towel Holder, from Target: $12
  • Frames, on clearance from Target: $8
  • Art, printed at home: FREE
  • Ceiling paint, leftover gallon at home: FREE
  • Labor for installing lights: FREE 
          Total Cost = $153.20

Now, there are still things that we plan to finish- like painting the door trim white, painting the window frame white, and re-caulking the shower but for now, I am thrilled that is done and functioning again. And I will try to get a better picture soon, of our flooring because I realized as I looked back that none of my pictures showed a good shot of it.
I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe the difference for only $150. It's beautiful!