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I love to browse through Pinterest. It's so great for getting ideas. However, these ideas can sometimes become nagging or guilt-inducing when you never act on them. They sit there, on your board, and stare back at you, waiting for you to do something about it.

I have a board called DIY Adventures and I have pinned some things on there that I would love to actually do. After looking at the board recently, I noticed that I HAVE done some of these! I thought I would show you my DIY accomplishments- as small as they might be.

I saw this fridge command center and knew immediately that I could use something similar in my kitchen since it is right next to our back entrance where all the schoolwork comes through, and all the busyness occurs.

This is my humble version... not nearly as cool but it works for us. Kailyn puts all her papers into the top folder labeled "Mommy" and I sort/recycle/complete them and then if she needs to bring them to school, I place them in her folder. I will need another one this school year for Louisa (who is starting kindergarten!).

I also keep a menu meal planner for dinners here. I usually fill a week out a time and this has helped with grocery shopping a ton. And my sanity is saved because I know what we are having! There is also an Emergency Sheet posted for (us as parents) but also for our babysitters- all important phone numbers and health information is listed here too. And in the picture above, you can kind of see that I put Louisa's daily morning routine for when school starts- she can't quite read yet, so the pictures will help.

My second Pinterest project inspiration was this photo. I loved the look of the white bookshelves as their library. I posted yesterday about our own little library.


In case you missed the post, here is a picture of our own version. You can read more about it here.

And the last one that was inspirational is this picture window. I love what they did to it. It's absolutely beautiful. I would have loved to put a family picture in mine but we didn't have any recent ones that I loved.

And this is my version of it- with my free window! Read more about it here on this post.

So, how about you... do you find yourself accomplishing any projects through Pinterest inspiration?

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