My baby is 5.

Where does the time go!?! I feel like it was just a few days ago that I got to cuddle with my newborn babe all night long the first night after her birth. She slept 6 solid hours that very first night, all snuggled up under my chin. The nurses were upset with me because I didn't wake her up to nurse her. Yeah right- my first born didn't sleep through the night until she was 9 months old and they were chastising me for letting this one sleep?? By the way, she was born at a very healthy 9 lbs., 4 ounces- I don't think she was in danger of starving. Look at that face... yes, that is my daughter... not sure about the world yet and not always the friendliest of faces, but inside, there is a very sweet and sensitive girl.

my sweet Kailyn was so excited to be a big sister, and what a good sister she is.

So, here I am now,  5 years later, and she will be entering kindergarten in the fall. She is home with me every day now, and I love it, and I will miss her greatly when she enters the school world. I do not forsee any more babes in our family, so this is our last. What a joy it has been to have her in our family.

We celebrated her birthday by having a Teddy Bear Party with some of her friends from church and others she knows (this was her first real birthday party and she was so excited).

I made a teddy-bear-sledding-cake which she thought was too cute. Turns out to be perfect timing, because we got our first real snow of the season the day of her party.

the teddy bears had their own picnic lunch

Happy birthday Louisa!

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