Hostess Gift

I know I have shared with you Christmas gift ideas already (this could also be considered one) but I thought I would share my Thanksgiving hostess gift, too. You could also turn this idea to an anytime-kind-of-gift or even to keep for yourself!

All credit goes to Heather at http://www.settingforfour.com/2012/05/turn-childrens-art-into-tea-towels.html 
for the inspiration. I saw her tutorial on Pinterest and went from there to create my own.

I had bought a set of colored tea-towels for our Thanksgiving hosts but knew I wanted to make them a little more special... Here is one of them, all finished and ready for Thanksgiving!

And here is the other one. Looking back, I should have made the font bigger but it is what it is. Next time...

Click on the link in the paragraph above to be taken to Heather's website for her easy tutorial! I used Microsoft Word to spell out what I wanted and added a graphic... Think of the possibilities you have with these materials!

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