Almost there!

This past weekend we made big progress in la cocina! I had finally decided on a paint color and went with this blue/silver/gray color. I really like it against the white painted cabinets and trim.

We had to take off the small white mini tiles first, which was a pain. Some areas of the wall came off very easily and other parts we actually took off a lot of the plaster wall! Oh well- it will get covered soon.

Then Steve started taking off the countertops and sink. He had a friend come on Saturday which was a huge help, especially with the plumbing and electrical for the dishwasher.

 And because I was too distracted that day to take any more pictures... here is the what we have today! The counters are on (IKEA), the sink is in (Craigslist), the new faucet is in (Lowe's) and the dishwasher (Craigslist) works without any leaks!

 We are planning to install the beadboard panels this weekend, you know, because we don't want holes the size of your fist for a backsplash.

The two open shelves will go here above the sink. 

This faucet was on the lower price range at Lowes but it got fabulous reviews and so far we love it! The sink is a brand new Kohler but was being sold on Craigslist for 1/3 of the price!

Steve and Brian also made the dishwasher surround and it looks great! 

So, this is it for now- hope to be done with the beadboard before Mother's Day (as was my request)!

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