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Since baby J was born four months ago, I've been really struggling to have quality time with my older girls (who are 9 & 7). When January rolled in and Steve and I started talking about goals, I thought that I needed to make it a goal to spend quality time with each girl.... As in: write it on the calendar and make it official! So I typed it into my google calendar, making it official looking.
But then I realized that if I am not specific with what we are going to do, then it could very well get put off or excused away to busyness, and I did not want that to happen. So after entering dates (I picked a night/morning the last weekend of every month), I went back and brainstormed fun things to do based on their personalities, likes/dislikes, the weather and a budget... Also needed to be something that was somewhat special.

Anyways, last weekend, I took my oldest daughter out to our first date and it went super. Loved that I didn't have to carry on multiple conversations while trying to communicate... What a concept. Also, she was very excited and really looked forward to our time together which made it even more sweet. I kept what we were doing a surprise until we got in the car and I think she enjoyed the surprise aspect even more than if I had given her a heads up.
I thought another mom might need some similar inspiration or ideas for what to do, which is why I am listing these here. Although if you googled this, I am sure a million ideas would come up, but whatever- this is what I came up with (and if you have any fun ideas for me for next year, leave a comment- I'd love to hear it!).
January (with Kailyn): Ceramic Art Cafe- we painted pottery pieces! & then had some hot chocolate.
February (with L): brunch at the American Girl Cafe (big splurge for us)
March (with K): thrift store shopping where she can buy any 5 items of her choosing (hoping this will facilitate talks about smart money and fashion/modesty)
April (with L) : Barnes & Noble - let her browse and pick out a new book, probably also stop by their cafe to have lunch somewhere. P.S. Does any one else still mourn the loss of all the Borders stores???
May (with K): same as above but with the other girl- both girls are huge readers
June (with L): bike to The Brown Cow (our local ice cream parlor that makes the best ever brownie coconut ice cream!)
July (with K): go see a movie. We hardly ever go to the theatre and the girls have only been ONCE in their lives and that was a few years ago to see the Winnie the Pooh movie. Yup, they're sheltered on this point and I'm ok with that. They don't do well with movies and get too involved with them. So, since my oldest is nine and will be almost ten this summer, I thought it was time to slowly introduce her to the theatre so that she isn't totally unfamiliar with it and looking like a nerd when her friends start wanting her to go to movies with them. That being said, if there isn't a decent movie being shown, we'll have to come up with plan B.
August (with L): visit the local Bead store and make a bracelet/jewelry together, and grab lunch too.
September (with K): Trail ride with horses
October (with L): she gets to pick! (Within reason, of course)
November (with K): she gets to pick!
December (with L): see a showing of The Nutcracker ballet
Any other ideas for me??

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