The Armoire

So, I needed a better solution to our coat/hat/gloves/scarf/snow-pants situation that was happening in the back room. (Why do I live in Chicago?? Why not one of the balmy states where this paraphernalia is non-existent???)
We had a coat rack but the kids weren't hanging things up and it was looking sloppy. Plus, the puppy would come around and steal our gloves and hats out of the baskets they were in. I wanted it contained. Enough of it strewn everywhere.

Here is where I find a steal of a deal on an armoire at a resale store to the tune of $38. This thing is solid and was missing some of the bottom cabinet doors which is why it was priced so low. This wasn't a problem for me because I had already planned to take the bottom doors off for easy access to baskets. I knew she would look pretty all painted up, so I took her home (actually, Steve had to manhandle the thing home- it is solid).

So, I primed... boring! (you know what to do...)

And then, here she is, all painted and pretty...

The very bottom shelf is for my husband to contain his rather large shoes (size 14). Yes, he needs a special place just for his shoes, otherwise we are all tripping over them! And see how the basket holds all the "stuff" that the kids need for winter? And now, the puppy can't get into it either! And I figure, when summer rolls around, this can contain the flip-flops or the summer toys like balls, frisbees, etc. that tend to get left laying around the yard.

I replaced the knobs with extra-special ones from Hobby Lobby. Don't you love them?
But the best part of this armoire is the inside!!!

Painted a pretty blue-green. It is color matched to Ben Moore's Wythe Blue. I love it.

And I love it so much, that I am almost considering using it elsewhere in the house... but for now, I am enjoying that functional can also be pretty.

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