So, I have these panels... curtains... window treatments... whatever you call them.... they were a steal of a deal that I bought when we first bought the house. They are from JCP and are thermal lined (keep the cold windy winters at bay and the blazing hot summers under control) and they were a fun bit of color and pattern.

My shameful secret was that I never washed them. For three and a half years. Don't tell.

So, I did get inspired a few months ago and put them all through the wash... following the instructions VERY carefully!!! People, I have 10 huge windows - I didn't want to make a mistake plus I am a rule-follower... mostly.

Lo and behold, they shrunk. A lot. Enough to look like a bad case of high-water pants (and not the capri kind).

I looked for my reciept after being encouraged by a friend to take them back to JCP. Long story short, I could not find the receipt and JCP was willing to exchange them for me but I had to have some sort of paperwork. I went home depleted and told Steve who casually said- "I have it in the basement" (because he is a receipt hoarder documenter). Needless to say, I took them back (all 10 panels) and held my breath until the lady actually refunded me. I couldn't quite believe it was that easy! JCP is awesome!!!

So, now I was left with naked windows. IKEA to the rescue. I bought 10 panels (98" long!) at $25/2panels. Their name is RITVA. They are not paper thin but have a nice weight to them. That is a deal, people. Want to see them?

They are white! I love them. Don't they look elegant?

I even put them in the dining room, since these two rooms are really one anyways.

So, anyone have white curtains?

And, yes, I am planning to hem them about one inch because they puddle a little more than necessary on the floor but I do love them. Thank you IKEA for making affordable, beautiful curtains.

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