Simple Days

Sometimes I wish we lived in the simpler days again. Generations of women passing along the skills we would need to survive and make a home for our family. But the reality is that we are far from it. That doesn't stop me from wanting my girls to know how to do these things: sew a button, thread a needle, use a sewing machine, bake from scratch, tend the garden, do laundry, etc.

My oldest daughter would totally thrive if she lived in the late 1800's- we joke that she was born in the wrong century! She loves to create, and wear dresses and pretend to be Laura Ingalls. My youngest, too, enjoys these things but I haven't really tried to teach her much.

So, while we were at the fabric store, I picked up an embroidery/cross-stitch hoop and some embroidery floss and told her that I was going to teach her to "sew". Her eyes lit up because she knew this was a special thing and that she was old enough now to "sew"- something only her big sister and Mommy does. I let her pick out colors that she wanted (**Side note: this is such a easy and affordable craft!!! Totally takes up time, too!!!)

I took some extra duck fabric I had and put it in the hoop. I drew a simple flower landscape on it (with pencil) and instructed her how to "sew". I would thread the needle for her but other than that (after I explained how to do it) she completed the entire thing by herself. She just turned 5 years old- she loved it- teach your kids!!! This is such a great craft! It also helps them develop hand-eye coordination!

After she was done (there was one set of tears from when she poked her finger but then she got over it), I ironed it and put it in an extra little frame. She is very proud of it and I am proud that she did it all herself.


  1. Ruby would LOVE this. You're brilliant! And your daughter is a total cutie. :)

    1. Your comment made my day. Thanks for visiting. Ruby can come over anytime and craft it up with us :)