Remember when I was looking for chairs for the new farm table and couldn't decide on what kind to purchase? I had been looking on Craigslist every day for about 2 weeks and nothing really caught my eye (that I could afford). I went to the thrift store down the street and didn't find anything. I was getting discouraged but knew that if I held out long enough, I would find "them" priced at my super-low price point.

I had found this bench at Home Goods a few weeks back and loved it (for $50) but it isn't very sturdy and has already broken at the bottom. I am sure I will return it. Too bad though because I really liked it.

So, back to my original story... Two days ago, I happened to drop in on our local Goodwill and came across these...

I wasn't even planning to stop in that day- just had a feeling that maybe I should check it out. When I saw these, I felt like it was truly God saying, "See, I can provide even the small things for you."

Want to know the best part? They were only $4.99 each! There are two of each kind.

The tops are removable, so I can recover them. They are also solid wood. The one on the right (and it's twin) is a little loose but I am sure it can be stabilized with wood glue and some screws.

Louisa even approves and was with me to "help" pick them out. She is such a sweet helper when we go on these kinds of adventures- very curious about the whole thing.

So, I purchased 4 chairs for a total of $21.76.

Mission accomplished.

Now, off to the fabric store.

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