Our Jesse Tree

I mentioned in the previous post that this year we are beginning a new tradition with a Jesse Tree. I said that I would show pictures so here they are! I don't think it is too late in the Advent season to start yours.

After downloading Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree readings and daily devotionals, I decided to make my own version of ornaments. She provides printable ornaments, but I want to be able to use these year after year with my children and I want them to last.

I went to Hobby Lobbby (my favorite craft store) and purchased 2 bags of round wooden circular things (sorry for the lack of pictures) and some red ribbon. I drew each days picture onto the wooden circle things with an Ultra Fine Sharpie and then lightly colored them in with colored pencils for a subtle look. You could easily do this with multi-colored sharpies or maybe even markers? though I don't know if it would bleed or not.

After finishing all 25 picture ornaments, I hot-glued the pretty red ribbon onto the backs, let them dry and then put them in a glass jar. That's it. You could even have your children (if they are aspiring artists) draw the images on.

I printed off her devotionals so that they look like a little book in hopes that it will last for many years of Advent readings. And I must say, that the readings are thought provoking for adults too but not too far over the heads of your children.

Happy Advent, friends! Jesus is coming!

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