Help Needed!

I like to think of myself as pretty organized.
For example- I know where most things are in this house and can find them. 
I immediately go through my mail upon recieving it and discard the appropriate items, etc. 
I have systems in place and if they work, they stay but it becomes obvious when they aren't working because I let the piles grow. 

You will see such piles in my embarrassingly messy office space. The desk area drives me crazy because it has become completely non-functional! To make matters worse, we have been using the desktop computer less and less since we received an i Pad (as a gift) so we have no desire to sit back here, in the messiness, when we can sit on the couch in comfort with the i Pad! 

 These pictures I am posting are my shame. 
Please take pity on me. 
I hope that everyone has areas in their house with similar chaos but I don't know. 
It has gotten a little crazy and I need some help!

I dream of a simple, clean, organized desk workspace but don't know how to get started. I am sure I will get sick of staring at the mess and just start tossing things but for now, I am stuck. 

Any ideas or inspiration for me?

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