Blast from the past

Last weekend I took Kailyn and Louisa to meet Dominique Moceanu- a '96 Olympic USA gymnast who was part of the women's team that won gold. She was in our area and has begun to write a book series for girls in gymnastics so we went to meet her and ask her some questions..... 

These are the very relevant and pertinent questions of K & L:

Kailyn: Was it scary going to the Olympics?

Louisa: How old are you? (I nixed that one and encouraged her to think of a different one).

Louisa, take #2: How old are your children?


Dominique was 8 years old when she was on the Level 8 of gymnastics competition- to put it in perspective, Kailyn is 6 and on Level 3. These Olympic gymnasts must show such talent at such an early age.

My favorite part of the whole event was when a mom asked how many hours she put in of practice during her peak years. Her answer was about 40-45 a week. Kailyn turned around and looked at me and said "Whoa! That is a lot of practice!" 
I think she gets it now... kind of.

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